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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Jul 28, 2022

Should you niche down as a designer? We’ve all heard this advice! So, does niching down help you to win more clients or empower you to be seen as an expert? In this podcast, Hayley speaks with one of our Accelerator students, Giuseppe about how he niched down his animation studio Motion Aptitude to work on projects he...

Nov 16, 2021

When Motion Hatch first started it was a side hustle, now it's a company! Have you considered starting your own motion design project to help you grow your career? Our founder Hayley Akins explains how and why she started this motion design podcast and what she’s learnt along the way.

About Hayley Akins

Hayley started...

Nov 2, 2021

Looking to pursue motion design side projects but unsure how to find balance with your day job? In today’s episode Charli Marie explains how side projects can help motion designers to improve their craft and process.

About Charli Marie

Charli Marie is a Youtuber, podcast host and Creative Director at email...

Oct 19, 2021

Ever wondered how motion design studios become known worldwide for their work? In today’s episode Jay Grandin explains how he built Giant Ant from the ground up and why he feels the studio has been so successful.

About Jay Grandin

Jay is Co-Founder of Giant Ant, an animation studio in Vancouver. As Creative Director,...

Oct 5, 2021

Looking to make six figures as a motion designer, but not sure where to start? Motion designer John Filipkowski discusses how he hit this financial goal and how other freelance motion designers can achieve six figures too.

About John Filipkowski

John Filipkowski is a freelance motion designer based in Chicagoland, USA....