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May 7, 2019

It’s no secret that having a large social media following can help you share your work with a large audience as well as find more opportunities to work as a freelancer. However, actually gaining and maintaining a following is a tricky pursuit. Fortunately, you’re about to hear two experts who have helped their studio gain tens of thousands of followers share how you can make social media work for you.

Tom and Henry Purrington are the twin brothers and studio animation leads at the animation studio Golden Wolf in London. They’re experience as animators and production managers means that they know all the ins and outs of production from managing a social media presence to hiring animators and creating stellar animations.

Today, we’re talking all about the benefits of social media can have for your business. Tom and Henry admit that there’s no single formula for success in social media, but they share some of the techniques and tricks that have helped them. The key is creating something that you and your audience both like, so it can be shared and spread as vastly as possible. Henry and Tom go deep into their processes and I know you’ll come away from this interview ready to level up your social media game.

In this episode:

  • The work that goes into creating a large and growing social media presence
  • How social media algorithms can work for you or against you
  • Why it’s essential to build an audience that you can respond to directly
  • What studios are looking for when they are searching for freelance talent
  • What freelancers can do on social media in order to get noticed and get hired
  • How to deal (or not deal) with the haters on social media


“Really by focusing your attention on entertaining people and keeping it relevant to our interests, we’ve built our following that way. As a studio, people follow us because they’ll see really silly shorts, they’ll see really fun unique bold animation.” [8:02]

“Building up that audience that you can respond to is really important, because they will then all like it, and then their friends will like it, and then their friends will like it.” [13:24]

“Everyone’s their own brand. You are your own brand as a freelancer, as a studio. The more small pieces of work and the more content you can get out, the more likely somebody is going to see it who can employ you.” [20:35]

“The stuff we put on TV today will be forgotten tomorrow. You’re only as good as your last piece of work.” [22:00]

“Don’t be afraid of it. Just get it out there and don’t be afraid of what people are going to say in six months whether it’s rubbish or not. It doesn’t matter, you just keep making stuff.” [30:09]


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