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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Oct 8, 2019

Allison Butler has always had a passion for motion design. Mostly self-taught, she has been creating professional digital content for five years as well as running a monthly meetup of Connecticut based animators, motion designers, and related creatives. 

Allison tells her story of how she started her own freelance business as an alternative to full-time but temporary work. While it provides a large amount of freedom, it also requires courage and determination and many hard lessons. Allison shares what she learned by becoming a freelance motion designer. 

While it wasn’t always the case, Allison is a master of networking. We chat about the power of networking and how Allison created a local motion design meetup which helps her and others immensely with their freelance careers.


In this episode

  • Lessons learned from chasing one temporary gig after another 
  • Learning the basics of transitioning to a freelance career
  • Tools and tips for overcoming the fear that comes with a career change
  • The power of in-person motion design meetups to support your career
  • How to start your own motion design meetup or event



“Freelancing is never easy to jump into when you’ve only known full-time work.” [8:43]

“I needed networking practice. It’s something people don’t tell you - that you need to practice networking and just talking to people and being human.” [17:47]

“Everyone has these online platforms to talk to and chat with people and they’re absolutely wonderful. But people still want that in-person connection. They want to know people in their area. They just want to know who’s around.” [23:52]

“If you can find one or two people in your area who are pumped to have a meetup, that’s all you need.” [32:48]




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