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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Sep 22, 2020

There’s certainly a lot of unknowns in the world these days. This is true for the motion design industry as much as anything else. Long-term survival is likely going to involve both adaptability and keeping focused on your priorities.

About Ryan Summers

As 2D creative director at School of Motion, Ryan is busy making courses to help other motion designers move forward in their career. This allows him to keep a close eye on trends in the motion design world and get ready for what the future brings to this industry.

The New Landscape of Motion Design

The world is changing fast. While many of these changes bring new challenges, they also involve new opportunities for motion designers. Ryan shares his observations and predictions for what this means for us. For one thing, remote work is more accepted and widespread than ever. It also presents more opportunities for individuals and small studios which can operate without the massive overhead required by the big studios.


Specialization as a Key Elements of Success

In the crowded field of motion design, it’s crucial to set yourself apart. With all the generalists put there, Ryan sees the importance of specializing in something that shares your unique voice. It may weed out some potential clients, but it will make sure that you work with the right ones in the end.


“There’s great opportunity when the world changes as fast and as all-encompassing as it has.” [5:14]

“That’s the part of every artist’s challenge and every studio’s challenge; You have to redefine yourself while the world changes around or you’ll get lost.” [7:43]

“You have different processes on the creative side based on your needs at the moment. Why shouldn’t you have the same thing business-wise?” [28:49]


  • How new trends are affecting the world of remote work [4:30]
  • The importance of agility during unpredictable times [10:03]
  • Why specializing will not only set you apart but also keep you focused on your passion [18:55]
  • What it takes to set your portfolio apart from the competition [24:55]
  • Creating long term connections by passing work off to others and having partners [28:36]
  • Maintaining your own passions and taking care of yourself as a necessary part of staying in business [35:43]


The business and creative world is quickly changing. Being adaptable and agile in order to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of new opportunities is a must. This means being creative about how you operate your business. Even though how you run your business may need to change, maintaining your creative passions as priorities will give you the drive to keep going.

Just as you cultivate your artistic skills, you need to tend to your own wellbeing. Your work can be a great way to feed your own creative self. However, getting caught up in just the money-making aspect is not sustainable in the long run.


The Motion Designer Client Challenge


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