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Nov 17, 2020

Clients can come from many different places. In this line of work, we motion designers can take advantage of numerous resources for this. Today’s guest explains how he does it using Behance and how you can too.

About Felipe Vargas

Felipe Vargas is a freelance illustrator and motion designer from Chile. His specializations include designing, directing, and animating a wide range of motion projects. He also enjoys editorial illustration work. He finds many of his opportunities from his Behance page. This has led to opportunities to work with many great brands, such as Adobe, Yahoo!, The World Bank, The WHO, Facebook, Citi, JP Morgan, and many others.

Breaking New Ground in Chile

Felipe entered the world of motion design when it was relatively unheard of in his country. He credits his early success to a combination of having a top-notch portfolio reel, his tenacity, and luck. Today, motion design is growing in popularity in Chile. By being there from the start, Felipe finds himself well-positioned to take advantage of this new trend.

Using Behance to Find Work with Many Different Clients

Felipe credits a lot of his success as a freelancer to Behance. This platform creates opportunities to network that few other platforms provide. Since many clients are just as interested in your process as they are with your final product, Felipe finds that Behance is a great tool for showing how he creates his work. He credits consistency and attention to detail when using it to create a successful portfolio.

Although Felipe creates a lot of work for advertisers, he also sees the value of working for a variety of client types. If you can be the first motion designer that someone works with, you can guide them through the possibilities of your creations. This gives you more freedom and opens up possibilities that may not exist elsewhere.

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