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Mar 6, 2018

As designers, a lot of us love to think that we are in complete control over the outcome and success of our projects. But how many times have you been blown away after the sound designer worked their magic on it? As I share in the episode, I experience this on pretty much every project I work on. Today we’re diving into the audio side of the animation world with one of the most popular sound designers in the animation world, Wesley Slover.

Wesley Slover is the founder and owner of Sono Sanctus where the tagline reads “Don’t let audio be an afterthought,” which is exactly where a lot of big projects go wrong. He shares with us how to plan and budget for sound design and music, as well as diving into getting started as a freelancer and growing a team.

He spoke to us about how having a team with all different strengths can lead to not only bigger projects but projects with way more diversity and excitement, how your multiple skill bases will help your project costs and time management.

Wes also gave us some insights into using social media to grow your network and ultimately your clientele, and how simply making friends and learning from others will help you grow your community and lead to collaborations and projects you’ll love.

How do you budget for and plan around sound design in your projects? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


In this episode:

  • How to use social media to grow your clientele
  • How to diversify your projects by building a team
  • The pros and cons of branding yourself as a freelancer vs a studio or company
  • How to grow your business without losing the personal touch with clients
  • Music licensing and libraries: What you can expect



Sono Sanctus

Sono Sanctus Sound Library

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