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May 1, 2018

Because so many of us work online and across borders, sometimes laws in one country might affect you whether or not you live there. A lot of people who do business or promotion internationally are panicking about the new GDPR law that’s coming into effect in the UK & EU at the end of May and how best to make sure their businesses comply. Today Silvia Baumgart returns to walk us through how this new law might affect your freelance business regardless of where you live.

Silvia is a lawyer practicing at James Ware Stephenson, a boutique firm specializing in the creative and entertainment sectors. She has been General Manager of The Association of Illustrators, and has led initiatives, workshops, and created resources on intellectual property for The University of the Arts London, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and the Academy of the European Patent Office.

Today she guides us through the new General Data Protection Regulation Act, how to assess its impact on your business, and how to make sure we are compliant with it and the already existing Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). She talks to us about email lists, opt-in forms, and privacy policies and how best to protect our businesses.

Are you confused about the GDPR? Do you worry that it will disrupt your marketing or are you confident in your current system? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode:

  • The basic principles included in the Act
  • How the GDPR relates to PECR and the differences between the two
  • When either is likely to come into play for motion designers
  • Why this new regulation might affect you, even if you live outside of the EU
  • How to consider them for an email list versus a client list.
  • How to update your privacy policy on your website
  • What to add to your opt-in forms on your site



“Either they have subscribed to your newsletter and therefore given you explicit consent, or they might have used your services… and then you have some sort of implied consent.” 12:46

“[Asking people to re-opt in to your mailing list] is not necessary, especially when you’re dealing with clients who are companies” 25:30

“You can only do things to the best of your ability.” 44:17



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