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Dec 17, 2019

Many of us creatives have diverse interests and passions. Yet, often enough, we find ourselves spending our time and energy doing client work and leaving our passion projects on the backburner. But what if it's actually that client work that can make your personal projects a reality? Today’s guest has mastered doing just that.

In his episode, I’m chatting with Zac Dixon, the creative director and founder of IV Studio and previously the host of the Animalators Podcast. As prolific as ever, Zac has been doing a ton of awesome things including making a new board game called Moonrakers

With so many different projects in the works at one time, Zac tells how it can only happen through the power of teamwork. Having surrounded himself with other passionate and dedicated people, Zac and his team have been able to produce some really impressive passion projects. Zac shares how he decides which projects are worth pursuing and which are going to be the most rewarding.

Creating your own work is going to require some level of marketing if you want it to make a profit. Zac has learned a lot about marketing simply by being a motion designer. This has helped him make these projects a success, but it has also helped him gain a better understanding when working with clients as well.

As someone who has been on both sides of the table, Zac shares some great thoughts on getting noticed and hired by studios and clients in a crowded field. From the best types of reels to have in your portfolio, to what type of references are most valuable, this is great advice for any freelancer looking for more work.


In this episode

  • Leveraging teamwork to make passion projects a reality
  • Determining which creative ideas are worth pursuing
  • How being a motion designer can prepare you to do your own marketing
  • How to best utilize your portfolio to get the attention of clients and studios
  • Fitting in your side projects when working on other gigs
  • The payoffs that come with branching out into new skillsets
  • Building your company up to be bigger than just yourself


“I really want to take as many shots as we can at making things that we love and that we’re proud of. I think that feeds into everything else that we’re doing.” [6:11]

“Anything you can do to just make sure at the very least that [potential clients] are watching what you want them to watch and reading what you want them to read is huge. They need to latch on quick.” [25:29]

“Figure out what you want to do and just chip away at it. Put a little bit into it each day and eventually you’ll get there.” [37:46]

“Having a range of experiences will only make you a better creator. It will also give you a better pool of diverse experiences to pull into any work that you do.” [39:43]


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Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein

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