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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Apr 28, 2020

Social media is a powerful tool for getting your animations out there and finding more work as a freelancer. However, actually connecting with the right people is not a straightforward task. To clear up any confusion, We’ve brought on a freelance motion designer who has 25k followers on Instagram to share how to use Instagram as a motion graphic designer.

How to make the jump into being a freelance motion designer

Sam Burton is an expert in using Instagram to create opportunities for his freelance business. For the last 10 years, he has worked on a large variety of projects including animated commercials, broadcast design, and music videos.

Sam and I chat about how he transitioned to freelance work. Sam didn’t make this change in a day. It was a gradual process where he did personal work on the side and built up contacts before resigning from his studio job.

Using Instagram to get motion design opportunities

While Sam started his Instagram channel as a way to share his work, it became much more. Now he uses it as a tool to find all sorts of work and collaborate with other motion designers. This led to vast opportunities Sam wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Most important of all, Sam suggests just putting out work that you are passionate to create. This means ignoring the number of likes and followers you get. Focus on creating good work and you will get noticed.

Know your motion graphics hashtags

Sam also recommends knowing your hashtags. They are a great way to get your work in front of different eyes. Incorporating sound into your posts is also a way to stand out and connect with more people. Simply put, there are strategies you can use to set your animations apart and make it your own. This will naturally lead to more engagement and more work.

In this episode

  • Factors to consider before making the jump into freelance work
  • Using Instagram as a networking tool
  • Why the numbers don’t matter as much as you might think on social media
  • Why it’s important to use the right hashtags to get your posts shared
  • Incorporating sound in your posts to create strategic partnerships
  • Using outside inspiration to set your animations apart and make them relevant
  • Balancing personal work with client work as a freelancer
  • The potential of other social media platforms to promote motion design work


“You never quite know who’s going to see the work you’re putting on Instagram. It might lead to a job. It might not. But it might lead to a connection with someone you admire. It might lead to meeting up with some people at your next event. Everyone’s on it.” [8:18]

“The work you put out there should be work that you enjoy making and that you’re inspired to do -- that brings you pleasure and joy.” [10:36]

“Each hashtag puts your image into a whole other pool of work that can be seen by a whole different audience.” [16:01]

“For potential clients and other studios, if they see you in a teacher role giving tips and advice, that shows you as more of an expert of your craft.” [34:38]

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