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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Dec 1, 2020

It’s nice to get paid for your work. But for many of us, that’s not the ultimate reason we’re in this business. We need to find a purpose in what we do and understand how we can positively impact the world with our creations.

Working Towards a Bigger Goal

Once we are earning enough to cover basic needs, the desire to work towards something bigger takes root. I find that motion designers are generally a group of people who care about what happens in the world. Finding work that aligns with your values is perhaps the best way to make a contribution. But before you can find the clients who will give you this work, it’s important to really identify the values that drive you.

Discovering Core Values

Identifying your core values means knowing what makes you unique. Take a step back and think about it. What is your unique perspective? How do you look for meaning? What would you do if money weren’t a concern? These are hard questions, but asking them will lead you to finding your true values and purpose.

An Exercise to Find Your Vision

To identify your vision, go somewhere quiet with a pen and paper. Break your vision into two categories: personal and career. What do you want these to look like in three years? Write it as if you’re living it now. Brainstorming about what you want your life to look like will bring your values to the forefront. 

The next thing to do is learn how to attract the clients who align with these values. You’ll need to make a plan and implement it. This can be hard to do when you’re already busy, but taking small actions now will inevitably move you closer to achieving your vision.

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