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Dec 3, 2019

Any freelancer knows that there’s instability in their work. Finding clients, managing your time, keeping your finances in order are all big tasks. And with the looming threat of recession, things might seem really scary. But it’s not all doom and gloom. My guest on this episode has taken a close look at all these issues and has some great insight to share.

Michael Jones runs MoGraph Mentor, a worldwide program that helps people get their motion design careers up and running. He recently wrote a couple of articles about the future of motion animation - one about what might happen in our industry during a recession and another giving you 7 Reasons not to Freelance

Today we talk about some of the pitfalls of being a freelancer and why you might even consider another career path. Michael shares what he has uncovered while studying the effects of recessions on advertising and the gig economy. We also discuss our thoughts concerning earning more through content marketing, content creation, and some practical passive income ideas.


In this episode

  • Thoughts on how a recession might impact people making digital content
  • Why individuals and small studios could fare better than big agencies in hard economic times
  • The challenges of most passive income streams and the ones that are worth pursuing
  • Dealing with the stress and isolation that comes with freelancing
  • Appreciating the freedom that comes with freelance work
  • Transitioning from in-house to remote work
  • Setting yourself up as an expert when working direct to clients



“For those of us who make our living creating digital content, we might actually be in an okay position even in a really bad recession.”  [4:36]

“The talent is the asset. Wherever the talent goes, that’s what the companies want.” [9:07]

“There’s an obvious pull towards freelance for so many people because so much time at a studio or agency is wasted time.” [32:17]

“Just do what’s right for you and try to optimize for your health and wellbeing. Don’t think about the fame and the glory.” [45:19]



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