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Mar 26, 2019

In Part 5 of the mini-series, Making Money in Mograph, we’re looking at more of the non-conventional ways to earn an income as a motion designer. We spoke to someone who definitely plays a big part in the motion design industry but she doesn’t have a role many people are familiar with.

Victoria Nece is the senior product manager for Adobe After Effects. Motion design is truly a life calling for Victoria. In fact, she’s been involved with it since she was a teenager. Before getting involved with Adobe, Victoria oversaw graphics, animation, and design for dozens of productions across broadcast, theatrical and educational markets as Director of Animation at the Documentary Group.

Today you’re getting an inside look at what the Adobe After Effects team does. Victoria talks about how her job takes her all over the world to work with some great talent. She also shares what it’s like to speak in front of large audiences and how to do so in a natural and comfortable way.

Victoria also shares some ideas about how you can make some passive income as a motion designer. This is particularly the case when it comes to making templates and Victoria gives some advice on what to keep in mind when making these. She also shares where she thinks the future of this industry is heading and how you can position yourself to take advantage of these changes.

In this episode:

  • How proper networking and connections can help you get involved in films and documentaries
  • Tips for those who are afraid of public speaking and why it’s an important part of this industry
  • The future of making motion graphic templates and their potential to make you more passive income
  • What Adobe looks for in the designers they want to hire
  • How teaching tutorials will make you more competitive
  • How you can get more involved with shaping the tools of this industry


“Just keep doing it [public speaking] and you’ll be more comfortable every time. It’s also helpful to remind yourself that the audience isn’t hostile; they don’t want you to fail. They’re not sitting there waiting for you to mess up.” [14:45]

“If you’ve made three options for something and the client goes for Option C, why not turn Options A and B into stock templates and sell them? It’s a way to reuse work that might not otherwise see the light of day.” [19:28]

“With a motion graphics template you don’t just design your design, you’re actually designing the experience of using it as well.” [20:54]

“Everything we do is based on user feedback.I don’t think we’ve built a single feature in the last several years that I couldn’t put specific people’s names on.” [36:32]



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