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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Aug 3, 2021

Ryan Koral has spent the past 13 years telling brand stories through video storytelling. In that time, he’s learned a thing or two about working with all different kinds of clients.

Join us as he shares his top takeaways on how to build a great working relationship, no matter the brief or project.

About Ryan Koral

Ryan Koral has always loved shooting video. He started his business 17 years ago and what started as a $300 one-off shoot for his first client quickly lead to him and his team flying all around the world shooting beautiful weddings.

But as time went on and he started a family, he wanted to grow his business without the need to travel so frequently. A friend of his said “Ryan, you can tell peoples’ stories through video - it doesn’t have to be the story of their wedding.” and this opened his eyes to the possibilities in front of him.

He then rebranded his business, which is now called Tell Studios and 5 years ago he started another business called Studio Sherpas, where he talks about the business side of growing a video business. He also has a weekly podcast called Grow Your Video Business.

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