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Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

Sep 14, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit the ceiling in your motion design freelance business in terms of how much money you can make? Web designer, online educator and digital marketing consultant, Brad Hussey, presents a whole new way of thinking about how motion designers can do business and productize their services. 

About Brad Hussey 

Brad Hussey started his career as a freelance web designer and spent time working at an agency, where he worked as a front-end developer collaborating with motion designers and other creatives to develop everything from apps through to mini games.

Disenchanted by the fluctuation of freelance income, he decided to explore ways to add another income stream to his web design business. He started to run his own online courses, leveraging his expertise and helping creatives build their own websites, learn to code and design their own websites.

Over time he had unlocked a new way of working – productizing – something that Brad has turned into a career both as a web designer and a coach.

Now, he has taught more than 600,000 indie designers, developers and professionals how to get better at their craft and make a living doing work they love. 

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